About Daisybean


A little introduction to read over a cuppa ♥

From my school years, I've always had a love of fabrics and used to thoroughly enjoy my needlework classes ... yes I'm that old! Move on a fair few years (hand over mouth with shock) and I've added bashing things with a hammer and firing a staple gun to my repertoire! Now on paper two of those things could get me in trouble (I'm joking ... I promise!)  but when used with a good deal of refinement and pretty fabrics I realised I was able to create some lovely items for the home and in 2013 my little business was born ... 


Now we'll never be and don't plan to be massive competition to the mass produced items you can find in the big chain stores. Our items will always be handmade with care and attention to detail as we take a lot of pride in keeping both new and returning customers happy and will always try to accomodate any little extras our customers may ask for. We want you to be as delighted when you receive your package as we are when we finish the item and carefully package it up. We'd love it if you felt you could recommend us but if something does go wrong, please, please do contact us and we'll do everything we can to resolve the issue. We want you to become a 'returning' customer too!


If you have any queries, suggestions, comments or constructive feedback (ideally not where to put a hammer!!!) please email us using the contact page. Customers (or potential customers) thoughts are always valued!


We faithfully promise too that we will absolutely NOT share your details with anybody, anyone, anywhere! 


Happy browsing or of course, preferably  ... shopping!! 


Daisybean Designs ♥