Large Memo / Memory / Notice Boards

Super stylish large (40 x 50cm) memo / memory / notice boards in a whole range of fabrics and colours to suit everyones taste! 


Fabric memo / memory / noticeboards are a hugely popular way to house those little bits of paper, photos, bills, invites, recipes, homework etc. All you do is slide everything behind the ribbons! This size is ideal for use in rooms or areas where more people are likely to find it useful to store things - for example the hallway, kitchen, study. And remember these are both handmade by Daisybean and unique to Daisybean.


Reminder: These are NOT suitable for sticking pins in, so are particularly suitable for homes with kids and/or pets. No dropped pins to get stuck in feet or paws = no 'ouch' moments!


Daisybean ♥